Monday, February 21, 2011

Smokey Eye On The Go

Ill be using these two products (Revlon Colour Stay pallete in 09 Sterling Rose and the Revlon Colour Stay Eyeliner in Black), along side my brushes to create a simple smoky eye look.
These are the shades I will be working with.
1. light brown for the lid
2. Highlight for the brow bone
3. Silver for the crease
4. for the outeredge of the eye

1. Apply any shadow base all over the eye lid and below the eye.

2. Apply the light brown shade from the Revlon Colour Stay Pallete all over the lid remembering not to pass the crease.

3. Now apply the Silver shade to the outer edge of the eye dragging the colour across the crease, like so.

4. Now apply the black to the outer corner of the eye in a patting motion (so the colour is more noticeable).

5. Apply the rosy pink shade as the highlight to the brow bone and now blend out the black with a blending brush to make it look less harsh.

6. Something like this. By adding the black to the other edge of the eye it creates another dimension making yours eyes really stand out!

7. Now apply any eyeliner, I am using Revlon Colour Stay eyeliner in black. Apply this along your water line/lash line.

8. Apply the eyeliner to the top lid as well. Get an angled brush and pick up some of the black shade in the pallete and smudge out the harsh lines of the eyeliner

9. Wallah! You are now done, with your simple smoky eye look (you might want to make it a bit more dramatic by curling your lashes and applying mascara).

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