Friday, February 25, 2011

Target Haul

Firstly Id like to apologise if the pictures came out a bit blurry! My camera would just not focus!

So last night I went to watch a movie but since we had time to spare we went looking around the shops. The huge "SALE" signs caught my attention in Target so I went in to have a look.

I loved the two cardigans I got ( in the picture above). They both have 3/4 sleeves, which is new to me. I loved the detailing on the baby green cardi. The other one, is a nice light browny/grey colour which I can wear in the winters, I bought a size bigger than I am so I can layer it with other things!There was a deal, that if you buy 1 you get the second half price! So both of them cost me around $15, which is a bargain.

I also got the two dresses (in the pictures above). They are both the same style but I loved the way it looked on me that I got both designs! It has a razor back and it sinches up on the waist. Great it youre going out to dinner and want to hide the 'after dinner belly' (well I have to anyway :) ). Both the dresses cost me $20!

If you live in Australia and near a Target I would recommend you go! I will be going in again before the sale ends, might find something else!

Keep Smiling :)

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