Friday, February 25, 2011

How to DIY Pedicure...

We spend most of our days on our feet, so it is vital that you take some time out of your busy life to fit in a pedicure. It doesn't have to be from the salon but can be done at home! It's a hot Saturday day and I'm ready for my very own pedicure. Here are some of the things I use:

LUSH Ocean Salt, Butterball, Lemslip, The Body Shop body scrub and filer.
1. File
Shorten, Smooth and square off toenail ends with an emery board. Use a buffer to help even out any surface bumps or ridges.

2. Scrub and Soak
Give your feet a good once-over with a foot file to soften build-up of hard dead skin. Concentrate on the backs of the heels and sides of the big does, but don't stress too much about the calluses underneath- a certain amount of this is necessary to protect your feet. Next, while you're running warm water into your bath/tub, rub a salt based scrub all over your feet. Then soak them in the warm water as the salts dissolve around them. Today I am also using a bath bomb from Lush called the Butterball. My feet are dry and even though this is a bath bomb it can be used for  your feet!

LUSH Butterball
3. Cream
Dry off your feet and massage with a rich cream. You can use either a speciality foot cream or a general body cream- whatever it is, the thicker the better. Massage calves for an extra feel-goof treat. I will be using a body butter from The Body Shop.

4. Prep Nails
Clean any cream residue from nails by using a cotton pad that has been soaked in nail polish remover. Then apply a base coat of polish to each of your nails in three stripes (middle first and then either side).

5. Paint
Super-bright colours always look fab on summer toes. I am going to apply a purple from Zoya, but you should also play around with jewel tones such as blue and green. A top coat is optional (toenails are porous so hold colour well) but it can be used to up the shine factor whenever yor nail colour stats to look a little dull.

Zoya Gossip Summer Nail Lacquers

Ok, all done now off to the shops!

Keep smiling :)

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