Friday, February 18, 2011

Naturally Fresh Face Packs and Masks

Now adays, there is a huge variety of face masks and packs which are available from the shopping isle. However, like anything, going natural is one of the best remedies. Its as easy as looking into your kitchen fridge! All these masks are great for a quick pick me up as well as giving it a vitamin boost! Again all of these have been tried and tested by myself, so there is guaranteed satisfaction :)

Amazing Avocado and Honey Face Pack

A nourishing and regenerating facial for rejuvenating tired or mature skin.

1 Avocado
1tsp clear honey
1tsp lemon juice
1tsp plain yoghurt (optional)

Method: Combine all the ingredients together in a bowl until it makes a paste. Leave it in the fridge for 30 mins (if it is summer) or leave it out with a piece of cloth over the top (if it is winter). Apply the pack for atleast 10 mins (relax with your feet up and maybe some slices of cucumbers to cool those tired eyes). Remove the mask with cool water.

Apple and cinnamon face pack

An antiseptic mask for oily or problem skin

1 ripe apple- peeled and grated
1/2 tsp single light cream
1tsp honey
1tbsp ground oats
1/2 tsp ground cinamon

Like above, combine all ingredients into a thick paste. Leave on the face for 10 mins and remove with cold water, your face should feel clean and soft!

Banana face pack

A rich and nourishing face pack for dry skin.

1 egg yolk
10ml almond oil
1 ripe banana

Combine all ingredients into a paste. Apply to face and apply for around 10 mins (if very dry then 15 mins). Remove with cool water.

Gram Flour and Turmeric pack

I like to call this pack, the golden glow because it literally gives you a beautiful glow! Its for all skin types and it works great as a pick me up.

1/2 cup of Gram flour
1 tsp grounded turmeric
1tbsp milk (or till the paste becomes firm)

Mix the indredients together until it forms a thick paste. Apply all over and leave for 20 mins. It will form a hard layer which is a signal that you should remove it. Wash with luke warm water.

Keep note that before applying any mask it is important to clean. Remove any make up and dirt build up by using a good cleanser (see my Clean Face post on the best one). These masks have been tried and tested by myself and I have seen definite improvement in my skin after applying these for a longer period of time. Since they do not contain any harsh chemicals, they will not cause irritation to your skin (unless ofcourse you are allergic).

Keep smiling :

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