Sunday, March 6, 2011

GHD tips and tricks

This weekend was quite busy, with me running around to attend weddings and farewell parties! One of the highlights of my weekends was the purchase of a GHD straightener! I was so excited to finally get my hands on one. I got the GHD Midnight deluxe collection.

Also, I'm not sure if this is worldwise but in Australia if you take your old straightener into a participating salon on their website, you recieve $30 off your purchase for a GHD!!!

The package came with a straightener, a mini blowdryer, a treasure chest, a heating mat, a mirror and sectioning clips.

Natural curls

The Trick: For natural body, don't start with the GHD too close to the root, start about 7cm from the scalp. Using small sections of hair, clamp the GHD so the handle is facing diagonally upwards. With your other hand, hold the end of the section of the hair and wrap it wround the GHD. Roll the GHD away from your face so that the curls flick outwards, and pull the GHD through to the ends.

TIP: if youre in a rush, curl a few random sections at the front only.

Super Straight

The Trick: A comb is essential for achieving poker straight locks. Give yoru hair a quick blow dry, especially if its naturally curly. The finer of section of hair you use and the closer to the root you put your GHD, the sleeker your hair will be. Comb the section of hair and follow it with the GHD, abotu 5cm behind. Let the hair fall out of the GHD- do not twist or move your wrist. You might need a bit of hairspray at the part line to get rid of any frizzies.

TIP: Pull the GHD slowly through the hair. If you go too quickly, you wont have dead straight, shiny hair.

Mermaid Waves

The Trick: This is all about your wrist action. Hold the secion of hair loosely with one hand, and the GHD horizontally with the other. Clamp down about 2cm fromt he roots and twist your wrist (the one holdign the GHD) so your palm is facing up. After a second, twist your wrist again 90 degrees, so your palm is facing down. Repeat this twistin action gently down the hair.

TIP: To turn this into a grungy, edgy hairstyle, just add hairspray and mess up your hair with your fingers.

Let me know in the comment box below if you have any tips or tricks!

Keep Smiling :)


Simply R1y4* said...

omg i really been wanting to buy a ghd straightener !!! This one looks really cool tooo =)

Artist by Design said...

awesome! Yeh this was is really good! Ill be uploading photos on how my hair looks before and after :)!

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