Tuesday, February 7, 2012

NAKED Palette Review

I know what you all must be thinking, "I've already seen this palette so many times". I know, I know this palette has been tried tested many many times and I have seen the evidence myself on countless videos and blogs. Why did I then choose to do a review on it? Well firstly, I only just managed to get my hands on it since I was in the US last month. And secondly, I think every review is different as everyone comes with their own opinions about a certain product. 

I have no heard the NAKED palette 2 has just been released, what great timing when I JUST got the first one :). However, after looking at many reviews I think the better one out of the two would definitely be the first one for Indian skin tone (which is what I am). 

The beautiful shades.

My favourite shades- these shades I think suit Indian skin very nicely (comment below if you would like to see a tutorial). 

The palette came with a brush and a small potion bottle. 

My thoughts: I think the palette is really a must have as many of you have mentioned. I think its particularly good for those who are just starting up with make up and want something more on the neutral side. It comes with numerous shades which you can play around with and create from subtle to dramatic looks. 
On the price range- it is a bit pricey for my liking. It cost me $48 USD (which is slightly lower for AUD). However, I have been using it constantly so when you balance up the use and the cost I think it's worth it in that sense. 
I don't personally like the potion that comes with it. Many of the bloggers have raved about it but I don't know, I've tried it countless times but it doesn't do the job for me. I might be trying out the NARS eye primer and see my luck with that. 
Recommendation: I would personally recommend these to darker skin toned girls, like myself. I think all the shades look amazing on tanned skin especially Half Baked and Smog which are my favourite! 

Let me know what you guys think about the palette or post any videos you have on it, I would love to see them!

Leave a comment below :)

Keep smiling :)


Despina T. said...

amazing colours.perfect for natural make up.

Pandora`s Box said...

Hey! Welcome back :)Missed reading your posts.
Yaay! for getting the naked palette. I agree with you. The shades in naked2 are not that great for us South Asian girls. I would love to see you do a tutorial with this.

Artist by Design said...

Yeh amazing colors!

Thanks pandora! I'll do a tutorial soon :)

bettzy93 said...

I have this palette and i am crazy for it

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