Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bobbi Brown Chocolate & Gold Eye Paint Palette

Another purchase from New York was this Chocolate & Gold Eye Paint Palette. This palette includes four beautiful shades- gold, bronze, chocolate and black gold. There are two different sets you can purchase, the other is Onyx & Silver Eye Paint Palette. I chose the Chocolate & Gold palette because of my skin tone. Since I have tanned skin, I feel these shades will look much better (giving you a sun kissed glow :)). 
Photo courtesy of This is the Onyx & Silver eye paint palette.

The photo isn't picking up the shades to their true beauty but these shades are highly shimmery and contain small glitter particles. It has been recommended to use these shades wet for easier application and better depth in colour. 

Unfortunately I can't find the Chocolate & Gold Eye paint palette on the Australian website. It may have been discontinued or sold out, not sure. However, there are similar shades in Bobbi Browns other palettes which may be worth a try. 

Love the packaging, very sleek and sophisticated.

I'll be doing a full review on the pigmentation of the shades in my next post. I will compare how the shades look applied dry and wet.

Keep smiling :)

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bettzy93 said...

I was just going through my new followers list in the past few months and i noticed you were one of them. I now following you back:) You got a very cute palettte

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