Wednesday, May 18, 2011

LAKME Insta Liner Water Resistance Eyeliner

I didn't realise the photograph wasn't picking up the text on the bottle.
I recently got this Lakme liquid eyeliner ordered from India. Don't get confused thinking its a nailpolish (thats what I did!). It's actually a liquid eyeliner, I thought the bottle is quite handy and with the glass bottle, its quite elegant.

Luckily I took a close up so you can see the text on the bottle!

Thats the applicator, to be completely honest, I didnt like the applicator that much. I would much rather prefer to get my own brush and use it. The consistency is really nice and it applies really well. Another problem with the applicator is that when you are applying it because of the product build up on the brush, it tends to get caught up on your lashes which can be rather messy!

I did a few swatches for you to see the way it applies but more importantly the consistency of the product. I love how dark the actual black is, because when you get a few liquid eyeliners, they tend to be quite runny so it ends up being not as dark as you would like it.

Keep Smiling :)

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