Tuesday, November 8, 2011

No one likes chapped lips!

I'm not much of a lip product person, and don't wear lipstick/gloss/balm. However, I have recently noticed that my lips become quite dry. 

I was looking around for a lip balm. I used to use the Nivea lip balm range a few years ago when it came out. So, I decided to go with it again this time but try out a new one (well for me) called 'Hydro Care'.

This balm has 'pure water and aloe vera'.

I have to say after using this balm, my lips feel so much softer and I love the feel of it on my lips, not greasy at all. 

I like the smell as well, which is very subtle and hardly noticeable. 

Great product, which does its job at a great price (AUD $4.00). 


aMz88 said...

i use the SPF one for exfoliating my lips then eos ;) or my sunflower oil


Artist by Design said...

I want to get the eos one but I dont know where i could in Australia :(
ooo I have never tried sunflower oil!

thanks for stopping by!

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