Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bronzing Beauty

Summer is here and I was looking for a bronzer since my Elizabeth Arden Duo had hit pan at the beginning of the year. I loved the Elizabeth Arden bronzer, because it matched so well with my skin tone (since I have tanned skin). I simply used it to contour my face as well as adding a glow to my face in the summer months. 

I came across Maybelline's FIT bronzer and I chose the shade medium bronze. I have chosen the wrong shade, when  I tried it on (post will be coming next), I could barely notice is on my skin tone. All it did was add a bit of a shine to my skin. 

It isn't well pigmented either, it has more glitter flecks then anything else and I wore it yesterday on my cheeks as a highlighter and it had rubbed off in only a few hours.

I wouldn't recommend this product, unless you're ready to spend money on a mere highlighter which does little to add a 'glow' to your skin. 

All in all, not worth the money (can spend a little bit more for a better pigmented product), too shimmery and fades off quickly

I completely disagree with the 'fade proof' statement, because I don't think it lasted more than  2 hours on my skin!!

Which bronzer do you use?


Hungover on Fashion said...

i dont use a bronzer.. but will be careful to not pick this one :)

Manuela said...

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