Wednesday, September 14, 2011

LAKME Eye Liners Review

I have posted the blush in a previous post, but these are the things I got from India. I will do posts for each product except the magazine :)

I needed eye liners and I have had good experience with Lakmes liners. I had their ink liner called Lakme Eye Artist before and used it up till the last drop. Absolutely love this liner and I decided to get it again. 

I also bought their Nine to Five, Forever Silk Eyeliner, which is the standard black eye pencil but I was really surprised at the pigmentation and the creaminess of the product!

The tip is really fine making it a whole lot easier to line your eyes and make any look you want. The product is very consistent and none of that 'stop' 'start' thing going on. Gives you precision and quality.

This is the eye pencil, its a roll up however I think I may have broken it, and it refused to twist up. Do any of you know how to fix the problem with out taking the whole thing apart?

The eyeliner is to the right, you can notice the density of the black. I was seriously amazed at the creaminess and ease I could apply this liner. I previously used the Revlon eyeliner and it never gave me such pigment and I would have to do a few swipes on my bottom lash line to get even a slight darkness. Definitely a huge thumbs up for this product!

Both eyeliners are long lasting and the new Nine to Five range is supposed to last you at least 8 hrs and I can guarantee you it does. This is the liners after ive rubbed and washed them vigorously. When I wear the eyeliners they stay on all day without a smudge! Now if that isnt good I dont know what is. I will definitely repurchase the products continuously unless I find a product which marks this high in my books!

Keep Smiling :)

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