Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My engagement trial makeup! I did it myself!!

Hey everyone, I don't know why the photo came out vertical when it was clearly saved horizontally. Sorry if it annoys you but I think I've tried everything to turn it around!

Anyways, I would like to announce that I am getting MARRIED! Yay!! So my engagement party is coming up soon. I've been looking for a makeup artist EVERYWHERE! But Im slightly hesitant as I feel the make up artists here (Australia) cannot accommodate for Indian skin, and will make me look like a ghost.

So I have planned to do my own makeup! I had bought some essentials from MAC (as you may have seen in my post earlier). I was actually really happy with the outcome and I think even though a girl likes to be pampered on the day, it may actually be easier for me to do my own makeup. Plus I can buy make up and actually keep it, instead of paying around $200 to get it done professionally.

What do you guys think?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You don't even need a make up artist. This looks pretty damn good!

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