Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Bodyshop Haul!

Hello hello! So I've visited the Bodyshop a few times. I did not buy all these products at once but one separate occasions! I have been using the Vitamin E face mist for around 5 months now, and absolutely love it! It's a really refreshing spray to apply before your moisturiser. 

The other products I purchased:
Hemp Hand Protector 
Vit C Face Spray
Olive Body Butter 

I have just started using the Vit C spray. The actual spray itself is quite strong as compared to the 'mist' of the Vit E one. However, I love the smell and the way the Vit C feels on my skin. I instantly feel refreshed after applying it. 

I have already tried the Hemp Hand Protector, which is great for really dry hands like mine. Since winter is around the corner for us, I thought I'd purchase this to cure my poor hands. 

I haven't tried the Olive Body Butter before, and actually don't know what it smells like since it was given to me by my dad. Im sure it will be wonderful like all the rest of Bodyshops body butters! 

(sorry about the quality of the photo)

Keep Smiling :) 

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