Saturday, March 31, 2012

Give me colour- Outfit ideas with a boost of turquoise!

I wanted to share with you this latest purchase of mine- my big turquoise chunky necklace. I absolutely love it. It came in three shades- black, navy blue and turquoise. The black would have been a safer option but I opted for the brightest and a slight out of my comfort-zone choice. 

These are 3 outfit ideas I put together!

Who said I'm not fun look

I paired a tunic coral/watermelon pink top which has some gold detailing on the neckline with a brown jumper/cardi. I then added the necklace to give it that extra dimension and chic look to the outfit. 


I want a Holiday look 

Here's another idea with the same concept of wearing the turquoise necklace with a coral/watermelon pink.

In this instance I added a white longish top (so it can be worn on tights) with a coral/watermelon pink button up shirt with really nice detailing on the top and then added the necklace. This outfit really reminds me of the beaches or some tropical island where you can sit back and enjoy the nature. 

After work look 

My main concept behind this look was that when at work you have to be professional and it may be at some places you can wear statement pieces such as this, but in a lot of cases we aren't so lucky.

By keeping the necklace in your bag, as soon as you finish work and are ready to go out you can add this necklace to your outfit and there you have it- a more relaxed and fun going outfit is created with just the small hint of colour. 

Hope you guys found this useful! Let me know if you have any ideas like this. Keep smiling :)

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